Onaway and Inland Lakes

Championship Clash: Onaway and Inland Lakes Advance in District Volleyball

In the heart of the district volleyball scene, two formidable teams, Onaway and Inland Lakes, have embarked on a thrilling journey to the district final. Their exceptional performances throughout the season have captured the attention of fans and sports enthusiasts alike. Let’s delve into the background, season highlights, challenges, and the fiery rivalry that sets the stage for their upcoming championship clash.

Match Results

Onaway vs. Atlanta

Position Name Stats
Coach Steve Watson Defense was strong all night.
Sydney Peel 6 blocks, 7 kills, 16 digs, 3 aces
Sadie Decker 4 blocks, 4 kills, 13 digs
Amya Janusky 4 blocks, 3 kills, 7 digs
Grace Watson 3 kills, 17 assists, 19 digs
Carley Karsten 19 digs
Ella Lintz 14 digs
Ema DeMaestri 8 kills, 11 digs

Inland Lakes vs. Burt Lake NMCA

Position Name Stats
Coach Nicole Moore Had a slow start but won 3-0.
Brooklyn LaBrecque 10 kills, 15 digs, 1 ace
Jenna Stubbs 6 kills, 8 digs, 4 aces
Erica Taglauer 26 assists, 12 digs, 3 aces

Season Performance Overview

Onaway’s path to the district final was nothing short of remarkable. In a pivotal semifinal match against Atlanta, they faced a daunting blocking team, a challenge they met with sheer determination and skill. The final score of 3-1 (25-22, 25-21, 22-25, 25-19) in Onaway’s favor at Hillman was a testament to their defensive prowess. Coach Steve Watson praised his team’s unwavering defense throughout the match.

The key players instrumental in Onaway’s success included Ema DeMaestri, who delivered eight crucial kills and showcased 11 digs, and Sydney Peel, whose seven kills, six blocks, 16 digs, and three aces displayed exceptional skill. Sadie Decker played a pivotal role with four kills and 13 digs, while Amya Janusky contributed with three kills, seven digs, and four blocks. Grace Watson exhibited her versatility with 17 assists, 19 digs, and three kills. Carley Karsten and Ella Lintz provided solid defensive support with 19 and 14 digs, respectively.

Notable Achievements and Challenges

Onaway’s journey to the district final serves as a testament to their consistent performance throughout the season. Their ability to adapt to challenging situations, such as facing a formidable blocking team, exemplifies their resilience and determination. Overcoming attack efficiency hurdles, Onaway relied on their defensive strength to prevail, a mark of true champions.

The Rivalry between Onaway and Inland Lakes

The rivalry between Onaway and Inland Lakes has been a long-standing spectacle in the district volleyball arena. Their impending championship match adds another exciting chapter to this intense feud, with both teams eager to assert their dominance. Previous encounters between these rivals have consistently delivered thrills, igniting the anticipation for their upcoming clash in the district final.

Pre-Match Analysis: Onaway vs Inland Lakes

Strengths and Weaknesses

Onaway’s strength lies in their unyielding defense, with players like Sydney Peel and Amya Janusky excelling in blocking and digging. However, they’ll need to overcome the blocking challenges posed by Inland Lakes to maintain their edge.

Inland Lakes boasts a potent offense, led by players like Sophie Passino and Haivyn Fielder. Their attacking prowess can exert immense pressure on Onaway’s defense, though they must be cautious of potential defensive vulnerabilities.

Playing Styles Differences

Onaway relies on an impenetrable defense that disrupts their opponents’ offense through strategic blocking and precise digging. Inland Lakes, on the other hand, emphasizes an aggressive offensive approach, capitalizing on powerful kills and ferocious attacks.

Key Players to Watch Out For


  1. Sydney Peel: Renowned for her versatility, Peel’s contributions span all aspects of the game. Her commanding blocking skills, powerful kills, and consistent defensive play make her a linchpin for Onaway.
  2. Amya Janusky: Janusky’s capacity to deliver kills, contribute crucial blocks, and provide unwavering defensive support adds depth to Onaway’s strategy.
  3. Ema DeMaestri: With impressive kills and unwavering defensive contributions, DeMaestri plays a pivotal role in both offensive and defensive aspects for Onaway.

Inland Lakes:

  1. Sophie Passino: Passino’s attacking brilliance and her ability to deliver powerful kills make her a standout player for Inland Lakes. Her consistency in offense puts immense pressure on opposing defenses.
  2. Haivyn Fielder: Fielder’s offensive prowess and knack for generating points through kills make her a player to watch. Her contributions in attack can be a game-changer for Inland Lakes.

Other notable players: Payton Blaskowski and Lexi Brendly have also demonstrated their skills and the potential to make a substantial impact on the game.

Road to the Championship

Recap of Onaway and Inland Lakes’ Journey in the District Tournament


Onaway’s journey through the district tournament showcased their determination and exceptional skills. In the semifinals against Atlanta, they displayed their unwavering defense, securing a well-deserved victory. Their cohesive team effort, working together to overcome challenges, ultimately paved their way to the championship match.

Inland Lakes:

Inland Lakes also made a notable mark in the district tournament, highlighting their offensive firepower and resilience. In the semifinals, they faced formidable competition and emerged victoriously, proving their ability to handle pressure situations. Their consistent performance throughout the tournament earned them a well-deserved spot in the championship match.

Performance in Previous Matches


In their previous matches, Onaway consistently exhibited their strong defensive skills. Effectively blocking and digging to disrupt the opponent’s offense has been a hallmark of their success. Though they faced challenges in attack efficiency, their unwavering defense allowed them to overcome obstacles and secure victories.

Inland Lakes:

Inland Lakes’ previous matches have been defined by their powerful offensive play. Players like Sophie Passino and Haivyn Fielder consistently delivered strong kills, keeping opposing defenses on their toes. Their ability to generate points through powerful attacks has been instrumental in their journey to the final.

Standout Moments and Surprises

Throughout the district tournament, both teams had standout moments that showcased their skills and left a lasting impact. For Onaway, these moments included Sydney Peel’s impressive blocking, Amya Janusky’s consistent defensive contributions, and Ema DeMaestri’s offensive brilliance. These moments of individual brilliance, combined with the team’s cohesive effort, propelled them to success.

Championship Match Preview

Expectations for the Championship Match

The championship match between Onaway and Inland Lakes promises an intense and competitive showdown. Fans can anticipate thrilling rallies, powerful attacks, and impressive defensive plays from both teams.

Possible Strategies and Tactics


Onaway’s strategy hinges on their robust defense. They will focus on blocking and digging to disrupt Inland Lakes’ offense. On the attack, strategic placements and quick sets will be employed to exploit gaps in the opposing team’s defense.

Inland Lakes:

Inland Lakes will rely on their powerful hitters to lead their offensive strategy. They aim to put immense pressure on Onaway’s defense with aggressive attacks. Defensively, they will focus on solid blocking and effective digging.

Significance of Winning the District Championship

Winning the district championship holds great significance for both teams. It rewards their hard work, serving as a confidence boost for the upcoming regional tournament. It symbolizes their dedication and brings pride to the players, coaches, and the entire school community. The intense rivalry and the promise of an epic championship match have set the stage for a thrilling showdown that fans won’t want to miss.

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